My name is Michal (born in 1965) and I live in south Bohemia. Sometime around the year 1990, I´ve met Ingo Breuer (Germany) quite by chance and a little later Kuba Jilemický (Czechia). And finnaly, on my way to Netherlands, Cok Grootscholten.

All of these amazing wondeful people are the reason, that Haworthias became a part of my life. And honestly, I don´t regret it one bit! Thanks to the work of Kuba, I´ve had a chance to visit Southern Africa quite a few times already! (Thanks, Kuba!!)

If you would like to contact me, feel free to do so using my e-mail: info@haworthia.cz or my FB. I am also open to arranging meetings in real life for individuals or small groups.

PS: My english will probably forever stay on just the basic level, but luckily for me, my son is always willing to help me with communicating in english 😉