Hello dear visitor!
I am glad, that you decided to buy some of my glorious plants!
Well, you will not regret it! All plants you can  see on this page are for sale.
If you want to buy some of them, simply send me an e-mail ( and include order number of the plant you want.
Then, I will confirm the avaiability of these plants and text you back. Shipping is 6 Euro.

ATTENTION! Sending plants outside EU is on your own risk! We do not supply Phytosanitary  or Cites certificates! ATTENTION!
Have a good time spending your time on this site! :-)

Sometimes, I offer bigger speciment plants on my e-bay.

At the moment, we are sold out, but do not worry my dear customers! More plants are on the way and the price list will be updated in March 2018. Also, big thanks to everyone, who bought some plants this year! I appreciate you all so much!

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